TSC pledges a higher pay scale for C2 teachers

TSC pledges a higher pay scale for C2 teachers

TSC pledges a higher pay scale for C2 teachers

The compensation structure for Secondary School Teachers II, Senior Lecturers II,  and Special Needs Teachers (Primary Teachers/Senior Teachers II) has recently  undergone major adjustments, according to the Kenyan government.

The negotiated collective bargaining agreement (CBA) states that level C2 is the entrance level for new instructors. As part of the review process, these qualified teachers will receive a basic salary increase of up to Sh4,164.

A wage rise of 5,141 shillings is anticipated for teachers at the C3 level, while a pay increase of 4,883 shillings is anticipated for instructors at the DS level. The aforementioned compensation adjustments will affect educators across the country as they are anticipated to provide them with some relief and better professional financial prospects. Analysis of pay trends at certain educational levels in depth:

These professors’ new base compensation at level C2, salary level 1, will be  ksh 36,621. Keep in mind that this becomes bigger with each point.

The government’s commitment to enhancing the welfare of teachers in all districts  is seen in the foregoing adjustments to basic salary, which are significant.

These educators will get several allowances in addition to an adjusted base wage that are catered to their unique requirements and difficulties:

Hardship allowance

A hardship stipend of KES 10,900 will be given to teachers at Scale 7 Levels C2 and T. Travel reimbursement: To aid with their daily travel expenses, all instructors will be eligible for a KES 5,000 travel allowance.

Annual leave pay An annual leave stipend of KES 6,000 will be given to these instructors in  acknowledgment of the value of teacher time off. Disability-related instruction subsidies: The Disability Guidance Allowance of up to Ksh 20,000 is another significant  inclusion. The funds are designed to give instructors who work with students with  impairments more assistance. It’s also a method to acknowledge the particular difficulties they have in their  position.

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