Five Police Stations Auction Off Bodas  and Vehicles

Five Police Stations Auction Off Bodas and Vehicles

Five Police Stations Auction Off Bodas and Vehicles

Five police stations have auctioned off automobiles and boda bodas that are sitting idle in their yards.The police stations gave the owners 30 days to claim their vehicles or they would be sold at auction, according to a gazette notice.

Embakasi Police Station, Pangani Police Station, California Police Station, Tassia Police Post, and Kakuma Police Station are the police stations in question.The sale will be held in the several police stations by Windsor House Auctioneers and Viewline Auctioneers, according to the gazette notice.

About 131 boda bodas and 25 automobiles, including one owned by the national government, will go up for auction.Hyundai, Suzuki Station Wagon, Nissan Note, Van Guard, Probox, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Porte, and Toyota Landcruiser are just a few of the many makes and models that are up for auction.

In the meantime, manufacturers of motorcycles include Boxer, Honda, Captain, Yatin, Sonlink, TVS, Crux, Yamaha, Dayun, Tiger, and Ranger.Part of the notice stated, “Notice is issued to owners of the said motor vehicles and motorcycles to collect within 30 days of this notice’s publication, failing which the items shall be disposed of by public auction.”Bicycles will also be for sale at the auction, per the gazette announcement.While this is going on, buyers are encouraged to attend auctions with a professional to prevent buying subpar goods.

To prevent additional repair costs after you have finished the purchase, it is essential to verify the items and make sure that all of the components are there.After a profitable auction, the winning bidder receives a sales agreement with a payment schedule and is then given the car’s log book and registration certificate.The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) additionally examines the automobiles to determine their roadworthiness.

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