Matatu Rams Into Pedestrians in Embu Town, Causing Two Deaths

Matatu Rams Into Pedestrians in Embu Town, Causing Two Deaths

Matatu Rams Into Pedestrians in Embu Town, Causing Two Deaths

After a 14-seater matatu struck some pedestrians in Embu town on Saturday, two persons died. Eyewitnesses who talked to the media said that the matatu driver lost control of the  vehicle, causing nearby residents to escape in order to prevent a collision.

However, two people who were struck by the accelerating vehicle and killed instantly were two of them. The hit caused the car to roll several times before coming to rest in a ditch.

One witness reportedly said, “I saw the vehicle coming at a high speed while I was at the Petrol station, waiting to board a matatu to Meru.” Another witness said, “We don’t sure if it’s the brakes or what is actually wrong with that matatu.

Our calls and inquiries about the event were not returned by Embu police Commander David Kabena. In order to prevent similar incidents in the future, locals are now requesting that the NTSA conduct rigorous vehicle checks on Matatus.This year alone, several incidents on Kenyan roads resulted in the deaths and injuries of thousands of road users. Around 2,124 individuals perished in traffic accidents between January and June of this year, according to the National Transport and Safety Authority’s (NTSA) most recent accident statistics.

Among these, there have been 571 road fatalities involving pedestrians, followed by 449 involving motorbike operators.Unfit drivers, according to the NTSA, are the main contributor to accidents nationwide.

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