Good News for KNEC Contracted  Professionals 

Good News for KNEC Contracted  Professionals 

Good News for KNEC Contracted  Professionals 

The State Department of Basic Education’s Principal Secretary, Dr. Belio Kipsang,  has guaranteed that instructors in charge of administering exams will get paid on  time. In order to avoid any interruptions, he stressed the Ministry of Education’s dedication  to making sure that examiners, invigilators, scorers, security officers, and others  participating in the administration of national exams receive prompt reimbursement.

Dr. Kipsang emphasized the significance of teamwork in maintaining the validity of  the testing procedure. He emphasized the urgent need to address a pervasive lack of confidence in test  administration. He suggested that involving the police might not be necessary if there was trust in the abilities of teachers to conduct fair and credible exams.

In order to regain the confidence that formerly existed in the teaching profession, he urged all stakeholders to work toward it during national tests. Although teachers are in charge of setting, giving, and marking mock examinations, he questioned why they do not leak and argued that the same trust could be used for national exams.

In order to give students enough time to study for their exams, Dr. Kipsang also advised schools against arranging extracurricular events during the third trimester. In order to avoid disruptions to their exam preparation, he asked teachers to refrain from sending kids, especially candidates, home for unpaid school fees during this key term.

With 1.4 million candidates for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), 1.2 million for the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), and 900,000 for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (KCSE), approximately 3.5 million students are anticipated to take part in national examinations this year. The Ministry of Education continues to place a high priority on the efficient administration of these tests.

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