Clarification On Senior Interns Applying for PnP Jobs

Clarification On Senior Interns Applying for PnP Jobs

Clarification On Senior Interns Applying for PnP Jobs

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), which is required to do so under Kenya’s  constitution, is crucial in managing several facets of the country’s teaching industry. This involves duties including teacher registration, the hiring procedure, managing  promotions and transfers, and making sure teachers get paid on time.

To address the current teacher shortage problem and encourage more promotions within the teaching profession, the CEO of TSC has recently been working diligently to get more financing. Additionally, the commission is adamantly supporting better pay packages for primary and secondary school teachers across Kenya since it is critical to recognize their commitment and labor of love.

Despite the ongoing difficulties teachers confront, there are some encouraging developments for Kenyan educators. From 2019 onward, all instructors who started their careers as interns have been formally verified as permanent, pensionable workers. This advancement marks a big turning point for the field and guarantees these devoted teachers both employment and financial security.

Additionally, in February of this year, TSC took proactive steps by hiring nearly 20,000 intern teachers, primarily for junior and primary schools. This hiring campaign aimed to provide crucial support for the nation’s transition to the new competency-based curriculum (CBC).

several of the recently hired intern instructors are still serving in their internship  capacities, while several have already made the switch to permanent, pensionable  posts. There is a plan in place, according to reliable accounts, to make sure that all the  intern teachers employed in February of this year eventually advance into permanent and pensionable employment. The landscape of teaching jobs in Kenya is anticipated to shift significantly as a  result of this transformation.

It is anticipated that before the start of the upcoming academic year, all intern teachers currently working in junior and elementary schools will receive official letters certifying their transition to long-term, pensionable positions.These actions underscore TSC’s proactive and forward-thinking approach to securing Kenya’s educational future and safeguarding the well-being of its dedicated teaching workforce.

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