Son kills mother and plunges himself into a well

Son kills mother and plunges himself into a well

Son kills mother and plunges himself into a well

Police in the Githunguri Area of Kiambu County are looking into a case in which a 45-year-old man killed his 75-year-old mother and dumped the body in a well before killing himself. The son reportedly threw the mother into the water before jumping into the 60-foot-deep pit, according to the police. The floating bodies were discovered in the well.

According to police reports, the neighbors said that the two had been fighting recently.The son’s decision to join a religion that the mother disapproved of is one of the key causes of the argument.

Neighbors who talked to the media after the bodies were found report that the mother was extremely dubious of her son’s new religion since its adherents allegedly engage in polygamy and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The neighbors claimed that the mother often forewarned her kid about his new faith.

We have been watching the two fight for a long, but we didn’t think it would end fatally.One of the neighbors told journalists that “the mother came to my house one day and opened up about the issue, saying it was troubling her.”A crew from the county disaster management team rescued the bodies from the well after the unfortunate tragedy.

This comes at a time when the National Police Service (NPS) has recorded increasing incidences of murder and suicide in recent years which have raised concerns about a potential mental health crisis.A study conducted by Nairobi University reveals that close family and spousal disputes constitute the majority of disputes in Kenya, accounting for 57 percent of such cases.

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