Senior interns’ eligibility for September replacement

Senior interns’ eligibility for September replacement

Senior interns’ eligibility for September replacement

Intern teachers now have the opportunity to apply for permanent or replacement  positions thanks to a statement from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Recently, TSC published 2,120 job postings to replace the gaps caused by  instructors quitting as a result of attrition.

These positions are divided into 1,591 for primary schools and 529 for secondary schools. Aspiring candidates must submit their applications through the online portal once the slots become available.

Over 10,000 interns who were first hired in November 2019 but were unsure of their chances of landing a permanent job now have answers thanks to this development.

Intern teachers are initially hired on one-year contracts to gain experience. When they transition into permanent positions, they can end their contracts with a 30-day written notice, per the internship terms.

The TSC’s decision to allow intern instructors to apply for permanent and emergency teaching positions is a bright possibility for those seeking long-term careers in education.By filling critical teaching jobs, this action benefits both interns and the educational system by guaranteeing stability and quality in Kenya’s educational institutions.Now that intern teachers can plan their careers in education, Kenya’s educational system will benefit from a consistent supply of trained teachers, furthering the objective of raising the standard of education in the nation.The job landscape for intern teachers has undergone a substantial transformation as a result of this reform, which reflects TSC’s commitment to developing and keeping teaching talent and eventually promoting the expansion and improvement of Kenya’s educational system.

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