Hired Hitman For Pastor

Hired Hitman For Pastor

Hired Hitman For Pastor

As Nicholas Kiprono, a young guy who was caught for operating as a pastor’s  hitman and is currently serving a 14-year term at the Naivasha Medium Security Prison, demonstrates, appearances  may be deceiving. Kiprono recently discussed the astounding series of circumstances that resulted in  his arrest and subsequent imprisonment during an interview with a local TV station.

He was a devoted member of his neighborhood church when he first met the pastor. Over a period of time, the pastor tenderly cultivated a close bond between them. By giving Kiprono seemingly simple chores, like driving his automobile, he gained Kiprono’s trust.But when the pastor hired Kiprono as a hitman after forging their bond, it became startlingly clear what their true nature was.

Being the sole one who knew the priest’s dark secrets—which included abusing the congregation and settling personal scores—he recalled feeling an extraordinary sense of solidarity with the pastor. When he was asked to do a terrifying task—kidnapping a woman from their church—Kiprono became involved in the pastor’s actions.

Another time, he said that the head of the church had given him the go-ahead to murder a neighbor with whom he had issues. The priest, according to Kiprono, was specific about how he wanted the murder to be carried out, telling him to repeatedly stab the victim with a knife.”I made a plan and went to meet the individual one night. I waited for him with a knife because I was told to stab him multiple times. However, someway I had a conscience and couldn’t do it. I rushed home that night after leaving the scene,” he said.Kiprono claimed that he informed the priest of his inability to complete the assignment, which only served to enrage him more.

The convict described the church leader as a man of few words who normally showed little expressions in his face. He said that he would handle the situation himself, without revealing more details.

The inmate revealed that the pastor continued to perform unethical tasks for him after deciding to give him another chance.But when the pastor became furious over an inadequate tithe, he was told to steal objects from the church, and that’s when the authorities finally caught up with him. He claims that the pastor asked the congregation to help him reach his goal of raising Ksh 50,000 over the course of a weekend.The kidnapping attempt Kiprono made the following night marked the culmination of his illegal actions. His evil schemes, however, were foiled when a group of young guys strolling by the chapel caught him in the act. They immediately led him to the police station where he was shown the stolen goods as proof of his guilt.

They immediately led him to the police station, where he was shown the stolen property as proof of his wrongdoing.Kiprono spent the night in detention after confessing to the crime and accepting responsibility. The police carried out additional investigations, reviewing the information provided in the station reports and taking into consideration the outcry from the public. After thorough investigation, Kiprono was positively identified as the perpetrator of a string of crimes that had plagued the community.

Kiprono argued that he was innocent of these charges, but the court judged him guilty and gave him a 14-year term to be served at Naivasha Medium Prison.”Not even my fiercest enemy should go to jail, in my opinion. Therefore, I would tell Kenyans to behave themselves, said Kiprono, a former criminal who is now a prison minister after undergoing rehabilitation.

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