CBC’s Latest Kenyan Reforms (JSS)

CBC’s Latest Kenyan Reforms (JSS)

CBC’s Latest Kenyan Reforms (JSS)

number of educational reforms will be put into place beginning in January 2024: 1. In 2024, Grade 8 pupils will be accommodated in the current Class 8 classrooms.

2. The term “secondary” will be replaced with “Junior School” from the upcoming academic year.

3. All headteachers will see to it that the school uniform stays the same in order to preserve uniformity. This unified policy, which covers grades PP1 through 9, reflects a solitary administrative strategy.

4. Headteachers are expressly forbidden from asking parents to buy new uniforms for children entering Grade 7 who are currently in Grade 6.

5. The following subjects are included in the most recent list of required subjects:

— English

— Kiswahili

– Math.

– Integrated Science

– Social Studies

– Studies of business

— Agriculture

— Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Studies

– Religious Education

6. From the following list of optional subjects, students must select one:

–Home Science

–Computer Science

7. Physical education (P.E.) is a requirement for all pupils in order to assist the development of their psychomotor abilities.The educational environment will change as a result of these revisions beginning in January 2024.

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