Woman’s Body Discovered by Herdsman in Mombasa Forest

Woman’s Body Discovered by Herdsman in Mombasa Forest

Woman’s Body Discovered by Herdsman in Mombasa Forest

A middle-aged woman’s inexplicable death has been the subject of police investigations after  her body was discovered in a woodland in Shanzu, Mombasa County. The woman had been murdered in a remote location, according to the locals, before  her killers discarded her body in the bush.

Residents charged the police with being uninformed and complained that they waited too long to get to the crime scene despite telling them of it as early as 8 am.One of the residents said, “We called the police at 8 a.m. but they didn’t immediately respond to the call but if it could have been a gun recovered or cash recovered, they could have arrived so early.”

A Maasai herdsman discovered the body of the suspected woman thrown in the  thickets and immediately alerted the local community elder about the situation. The village elder narrated, “There is a Maasai who works near this forest, he called  me and informed me that there was a woman who had been knocked by a vehicle  when arrived at the scene, I found a body that had allegedly been dumped here, I  noticed this is a woman who had been killed somewhere else before her body was  dumped here.”

The village elder claimed that several bodies had previously been found in the same woodland. He urged immediate action to stop the recurrent fatalities, which he highlighted sometimes occur during the day.The village elder said, “When I got here, I phoned the OCS, and they came and retrieved the body. I’ve also informed the OCS; everyone knows about the murder; this woodland needs to be cleaned; children have been killed and thrown here; I got the news at 11 am.The locals claim that the forest has turned into a sinister location where dead bodies are dumped.”The owners of the forest should clear it because this forest has killed so many people.”

To stop the many homicides that have been occurring in the area, the locals now want the forest destroyed.In the meantime, locals are still looking for the deceased’s missing head as the police have started inquiries into the unusual death.

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