Traffic Officer  Pulls Gun, Attempts to  Shoot Nakuru MCA

Traffic Officer Pulls Gun, Attempts to Shoot Nakuru MCA

Traffic Officer Pulls Gun, Attempts to Shoot Nakuru MCA

Mwangi Muraya, the MCA for Naivasha’s Viwandani Ward, asserted that a traffic  policeman tried to shoot him inside the Nakuru County Assembly for an  unspecified cause. The MCA claimed to the media on Tuesday that the traffic police had been following  him from Gilgil and had blocked his way while he was traveling to the County  Assembly headquarters in Nakuru.

Muraya claimed that the traffic officer demanded him to present his identifying documents even though he had stopped his car to inquire about the offenses he had committed as a result.Muraya responded by identifying himself as the Viwandani Ward’s County Assembly representative. According to his story, the MCA informed the traffic cop that he was headed to the County Assembly to carry out his mandate as a county representative.

He asserted that the traffic police pulled his revolver, pointed it at him, and threatened to shoot even if he were the country’s president.A few minutes after 2:00 p.m., according to Muraya, police from Kapembwo Police Station in Nakuru came at the spot and restrained the traffic cop. Also taken away was his gun.

The MCA claims that this isn’t the first time the traffic cop has stalked him. The MCA stated that the police officer had previously followed him on several occasions.He urged the police officers stationed at Kapembwo to find out why the traffic officer chose to break the law, particularly by pursuing him to the County Assembly, which is a protected location.In addition, he demanded that the traffic officer face disciplinary action, including termination from the Service.

The purpose of the investigations is to determine whether the officer broke any of the rules outlined in Section 64 of the Police Act, which mandates that all officers follow the standing orders and the Code of Regulations while they are employed by the Service.Failure to which, the officer shall be liable to disciplinary action as accorded by the National Police Service (NPS).

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