Online TSC Transfer Applications Procedure 

Online TSC Transfer Applications Procedure

Online TSC Transfer Applications Procedure 

Kenya’s Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has made significant progress in  digitizing its services to increase productivity and convenience for teachers  across the country.

The Online Teacher Transfer Application method is one notable digital innovation  that was established in February 2021.

At the conclusion of the year, the Appointment Board normally considers transfer  requests. However, the Commission still has the authority to transfer teachers in accordance  with particular standards.

A teacher must submit a transfer application  through  their institution’s head, which  may be obtained at TSC offices or the website,  in  order to be considered for a  transfer.

The completed application forms must subsequently be delivered to TSC or its  representatives by the institution’s administrator. Primary school teacher transfers within a county are handled by the TSC County  Director, whereas transfers beyond the county, such as those to tertiary schools,  are handled by TSC headquarters.

Transfers are subject to vacancy availability and replacements, requests for  transfers are immediately acknowledged, and decisions from the Appointment  Board .

How to Apply Online the Teacher Portal can be accessed Follow these steps to start the transfer application process: 1. Go to to access the TSC website. 2. Select the option labeled “Online Services”. 3. From the list of choices, choose “Teacher Transfer”. 4. After providing your information—including your TSC number, ID number, and cellphone number—click “Login.”

5. A six-digit authorization code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it and click “Login.”

6. The system will determine whether you teach in the primary or post-primary grades.

7. To continue, click “Submit a Request for Transfer”.

8. Complete all necessary fields and choose the declaration checkbox.

9. After filling out the declaration box and saving your information, click “OK.”Include any necessary documents.

Observe these steps if your transfer request requires supporting papers (for instance, due to security concerns or medical justifications): 1. The system will show the requested county along with your present station. 2. Click the “File Attachment(s)” button to attach necessary documents. 3. You can edit, withdraw, or print your transfer request. 4. Click “Browse’ to select the document you want to attach. 5. Enter any remarks you have. 6. Check the dialogue box and click “OK” after attaching the document. 7. Your attachments will be displayed, and you can choose to remove or view them. 8. Finally, click the “Submit” button.

Log off the system. Follow these steps to safely depart the system:One, select “Logout.

Recommendation from the Head of the Institution. The Head of Institution (HOI) must then recommend the transfer in the following phase. Email alerts or the HOI portal can be used for this.

Email Notification is Option 1. 1. Check your inbox for emails. 2. Click the link in the email message. 3. Add your feedback in the role of the institution’s head. Select “Submit.”

Alternative 2: HOI Portal. 1. Go to, the TSC website. 2. Choose “Online Services,” “HRMIS,” and then “Teacher Transfer.” 3. Type in your TSC, ID, and mobile numbers before clicking “Login.”. 4. After entering the verification code that was delivered to your mobile device, click “Login.” 5. New transfer requests will be shown on the HOI portal. 6. To suggest the transfer and add a comment, click the “Action” button. 7. Press the “Submit” key.


Adopting such digital solutions not only saves time but also improves the overall  effectiveness of Kenya’s education system. For a more convenient and productive experience, administrators and  instructors are encouraged to use these online resources.

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