Expert discusses feasibility of using LPG as fuel after a viral photo

Expert discusses feasibility of using LPG as fuel after a viral photo

Expert discusses feasibility of using LPG as fuel after a viral photo

Due to Kenya’s rising fuel prices, people there are looking into other forms of  propulsion for their cars. The case of a viral boda boda rider who shocked Kenyans by using Liquified  Petroleum Gas (LPG) to power his bike is one uncommon strategy attracting  attention from  Kenyans across the board.

Miller Kyalo, a car salesman and specialist, will discuss the viability of Kenyans using LPG, sometimes known as gas, to fuel their cars and motorcycles.In the interview, Kyalo made it clear that while it is feasible to switch an oil-powered engine to run on LPG, it cannot be done in the manner shown in the widely shared image.

Although it is technically possible to replace petrol with LPG, Kyalo said that doing so would be a very bad idea in this situation.Due to LPG’s high combustibility and explosiveness, the automobile industry specialist emphasized the importance of treating it carefully.

He clarified that it was obvious that the installation of the boda-boda had been carried out carelessly.Two significant safety factors were offered by Kyalo.First of all, he emphasized the significance of an automated system that can turn the gas off when it is not in use. Second, he highlighted the potential risks associated by advising against using standard household pipes because they are not made to endure exposure to sunlight.

“The gas cylinder is heavy for a two-wheeler, and installing it there is a recipe for accidents,” he continued.Kyalo clarified that the gas cylinder is specifically made to fit into the space typically held by the spare wheel in the case of automobiles.In regards to the financial benefits of switching to LPG, Kyalo expressed doubt about any major cost savings. He emphasized that even with LPG, automobiles still require some gasoline because the gas cannot start an engine on its own.Kyalo advised Kenyans who were thinking about switching from traditional fuel to LPG for their motorbikes to think about turning the vehicles into three-wheelers. According to him, this change will provide more stability and room for the right installation of the gas cylinder.“It is good to see Kenyans being innovative but in this case, it is cosmetic. It should be done in a professional manner,” he stated.

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