The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will halt transfers . As well as leave requests for  teachers in order to design and oversee the 2023 national  exams.

Currently, educators are receiving training on how to administer and monitor: the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) . And the Kenya Certificate of  Primary Education (KCPE).Also the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Around 1,415,315 applicants will sit for the KCPE exam, and another 903,260 will sit  for the KCSE exam. Additionally, 1,282,574 Grade Six pupils will take the KPSEA.

However, TSC will begin mass transfers of teachers in December for those with suitable replacements.

Ezekiel Machogu, the education minister, stated last month that 26,871 teachers have not yet been transferred back to their home counties as a result of a lack of suitable placements.

Only 20,055 of the 46,926 primary and secondary school teachers who had  applied to  return to their home counties as of June 30 had been successful.

The TSC will ensure that the station the teacher  is  leaving has a suitable  replacement and that the station to which the  teacher  has requested a transfer  has a vacancy, Mr. Machogu said in front of the  Senate.

The CS claims that TSC practiced delocalization, whereby teachers were moved to  institutions other than their original settings to: encourage national unity and integration, avoid conflicts of interest in school  administration, and address teacher shortages in some regions of the nation.

The following are some factors the TSC takes into account: Existing staffing regulations, the need for replacement, the presence of openings at  the proposed station, the existence of medical justifications, and other criteria.

According to the CS, TSC is in charge of making sure that there are suitable openings and replacements. In addition a balance of staff across the country before a transfer is  approved . After a teacher seeks a transfer to a county of their choosing.

Mr. Machogu claims that the commission is conducting a systematic and  coordinated evaluation of transfer requests. He continued by saying that it is  a big  problem, especially for principals, to find suitable replacements.

He continued by saying that it is a big problem, especially for principals, to find suitable replacements.

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