Raila Set to Rule Out Maandamano as Cost of Living Skyrockets

Raila Set to Rule Out Maandamano as Cost of Living Skyrockets

Raila Set to Rule Out Maandamano as Cost of Living Skyrockets

According to Raila Odinga, the head of the political group, the Azimio La Umoja  signature collection drive was successful. With more than 10 million signatures already gathered, according to Raila, it would  not be necessary to authorize large-scale protests. He claimed that before revealing the next cause, Azimio is now awaiting the results  of the bipartisan national conversation.

Raila claimed that the signatures will influence how the alliance conducted itself going forward while speaking to other coalition members at the Wiper Command Center in Nairobi.

“Over 10 million people have signed, and that is sufficient. What we’ll do with those signatures is clear to us. This time, Raila said, “everything would be completely different. We won’t urge people to go back out onto the streets.

The head of the opposition remarked that the outcome of the bipartisan national debate was what was anticipated rather than attempting to predict what will happen next. “I’d like to say less since I’ll be giving away too many details too soon. Those from the government are currently meeting with our folks. I’ll caution Kenyans to watch this space for the time being, he continued.

On July 7, a petition drive was started to collect signatures in protest of the President William Ruto-led government.In the contentious Finance Act 2023, the government was accused by the opposition of taxing Kenyans excessively. Raila forewarned of unstated repercussions in the wake of the new fuel prices.

According to Raila, the Kenya Kwanza administration was leading the nation in the wrong direction without any signs of improvement. “Fellow Kenyans, Kenya Kwanza’s first year in office has been a complete disaster. And we have no uplifting news or words to share. There are several reasons to believe that either the situation will worsen or stay the same. But we’re not going to demand that you make cuts. You’ve accomplished enough, Raila said. Raila further cautioned them to help the poor Kenyans or else they would suffer the same fate as previous governments that had disenchanted their populace.

“The regime is directly in the driver’s seat. They can either take action or wait to suffer the same fate as other callous and inept regimes across the continent, he said. The declining value of the Kenyan shilling against the dollar, according to Raila, had exposed them despite the government’s brave face and claims that the economy was doing well. The ODM leader noted that as Ruto started his second term in office, the Kenyan economy was rapidly entering a recession.

“Kenya Kwanza has been severely exposed on all fronts, despite the rhetoric, the eloquent words, and the perplexing data. We are clearly engaged in a reckless race to the bottom as we start the second year of the Kenya Kwanza administration, Raila continued.”

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