Nairobi Students Express Concerns Over Insecurity and Drug Use

Nairobi Students Express Concerns Over Insecurity and Drug Use

Nairobi Students Express Concerns Over Insecurity and Drug Use

Students at Nairobi School Primary and Junior Secondary are appealing to those  involved in education to protect them from the risks of drug and alcohol misuse. They are urging for a severe crackdown and pointing out that these substances are  easily accessible close to their schools. They are also voicing issues with regular muggings, especially in the morning and  evening.

These worries were raised at the first meeting of the “Nairobi Region Education  Dialogue,” where students came to talk about the difficulties they face. The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug usage  (NACADA), which just issued a warning about the growing rate of drug usage  among school  pupils, is the source of this gathering. The data also shows that a significant portion of these young pupils have cancer  and mental health problems.

No matter their social or economic circumstances, Governor Johnson Sakaja  underlined the significance of making sure that all students have access to high-quality education. He pointed out that this conference offers a special chance to hear directly from  kids about their requirements, enhancing educational aims and ensuring that every  child not only develops but also thrives.

Due to inadequate facilities, Sakaja reaffirmed the county government’s commitment to expanding the school feeding program with the goal of supplying nourishing meals to keep kids in school.Esther Passaris, a representative for Nairobi women, lauded the gathering as a useful forum for comprehending the difficulties encountered by students. She recognized that social difficulties, trauma, and familial troubles can have an impact on students’ mental health, and she highlighted the value of fostering a loving environment and encouraging open dialogue.

In addition, Passaris promised to support the Alternative Providers for Basic Education and Training (APBET) Association’s initiatives in the unofficial sector by providing a grant.

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