TSC Employment Application Form

TSC Employment Application Form

TSC Employment Application Form

To collect information from candidates for teaching and associated professions in  Kenya’s education sector, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) employs the  TSC Employment Application Form. In Kenya’s public educational institutions, teachers must be hired, registered, and  employed by the Teachers Service Commission.

Applicants commonly fill out areas on the TSC Employment Application Form with their personal information, educational background, employment history, relevant skills and experiences, references, and other pertinent data. The TSC can use this form to evaluate applicants’ credentials and eligibility for teaching positions, which aids in the recruitment and selection process.

To apply for teaching vacancies in Kenya’s public educational institutions, candidates must completely fill out this form and send it in with the necessary supporting documentation. The form might be accessible through the Teachers Service Commission’s official website, at their offices, or at designated application locations during recruitment events. The download link is at the end of this article.

It’s essential for applicants to carefully complete the TSC Employment Application Form and ensure that they meet all the requirements specified in the job vacancies they are applying for. This form plays a crucial role in the recruitment and selection process for teachers in Kenya.In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps and information required for a successful application.

Vacancy Information

Describe the position you’re applying for in detail, including its name, number, department, and division.

Personal Information

Your full name, job title, birthdate, gender, nationality, and other identifying information should be provided. Your contact information, including your address, district, county, phone number, cell number, and email address, should be included. Include the information for a backup contact person as well.

Candidates for the Public Service

Give information about your current ministry, department, local authority, and substantive post if you are currently engaged in the public sector. Incorporate details about your employment group and the start date of your present position. When requesting an upgrade, be sure to provide the post’s effective date.

Individuals applying from the private, nonprofit, and other sectors

Mention your employer, the role you hold, the start date of your employment, and your monthly income if you are currently working for a private company, nonprofit organization, or other sector.

Other Details

Indicate your proficiency in languages. Declare if you have any physical impairments and provide details. Disclose any criminal convictions or probation orders. If you’ve been dismissed or removed from employment before, state the reason(s) and effective date(s). Mention if you have ever been interviewed by the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya and provide details.

Academic, professional, and technical credentials

In order of highest to lowest, list your academic, professional, and technical qualifications. Include information like the year of attainment, the institution, the courses taken, the disciplines studied, and the grades or prizes received.

Additional Training and Courses Related

List any extra training, certifications, memberships in organizations or professional bodies, if applicable.

Employment Information

Beginning with your most recent role, list your previous employment experience. Include information like the year, name of your employer, title, rank, and job group, as well as your position’s gross monthly income (in Kshs).

Current Duties, Responsibilities, and Assignments

Briefly describe your current duties, responsibilities, and assignments.

Abilities, Skills, and Relevant Experience

Highlight your abilities, skills, and experiences relevant to the position you’re applying for. Mention your most recent achievements and reasons for applying.

Personal References

Provide the names and details of two personal references who have known you for a significant period. Include their full names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupations, and the duration for which they’ve known you.

Head of Department/Supervisor Recommendation (Public Service Applicants)

If you are a candidate from the public sector, leave this section up to the suggestion of your head of department or supervisor. They ought to approve of your application.


The declaration at the end of the form should be read and acknowledged. To attest to the truthfulness of the data offered, sign and date the document.Send the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya’s Secretary your completed TSC Application for Employment Form at P.O.BOX PRIVATE BAG, 00100 NAIROBI, KENYA.

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