Raila assigns Ruto a D-, In first-year gradebook

Raila assigns Ruto a D-, In first-year gradebook

Raila assigns Ruto a D-, In first-year gradebook

Former Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga revealed a D- grade for President William Ruto after one year in office while confirming that he and his Azimio la Umoja alliance had gathered more than 10 million signatures.On Saturday, September 16, when publishing President Ruto’s one-year scorecard, which he stated was disastrous, Raila made the statement.

He added that the signatures were a blatant proof that Kenyans disapproved of Ruto’s administration. While excluding widespread demonstrations, Raila was unable to demonstrate how he would utilize the signatures to pressure Ruto into acceding to the opposition’s demands.”We have gathered more than 10 million signatures, which will be used appropriately. I do not want to discuss how we will use these signatures right away, though.

“This time, I won’t urge people to return to the streets. However, since this administration has failed, rest confident that we will use these signatures, said Raila.Raila said in the assessment that Ruto had fallen short on important topics like the economy, security, and corruption.

The former prime minister claimed that Ruto had broken his campaign commitments to Kenyans and that the nation was now in worse shape than it had been when he became office.Raila gave Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza administration an overall rating of D- (Minus).”Political parties have been steadily undermined since the Kenya Kwanza Government took power, and opposition lawmakers have been purchased.”As soon as the President was declared, he started meddling in the Jubilee party’s affairs and funding rival factions to destabilize the party,” alleged Raila.He also accused Ruto of presiding over a government that was riddled with corruption and tribalism in the appointments to State jobs.

Here is a list of Raila’s complaints about Ruto’s administration from the scorecard:


Raila remarked that neither poverty nor new jobs had been produced by Ruto’s economic initiatives. He charged that the government had increased taxes and taken on excessive debt.In addition, he asserted that, contrary to what he had promised, President Ruto’s actions have made the Kenyan Shilling’s decline versus the US Dollar worse.”In August 2022, the Shilling was worth around Ksh120 to one US dollar. It now costs Ksh 150.00. The statement said in part, “The depreciation of the Kenya Shilling causes more suffering from increased import costs that affect access to inputs and food imports.

Raila also claimed that Ruto’s historic spending which duly increased in the Budget Outlook was based on the imposition of accelerated taxes and massive borrowing without taking into account a contracting economy that may not yield the resources.The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party leader also observed that the President had ignored warnings of debt distress and risk of default from financial markets.”On the other side, there are several Members of the ODM Party who attempted to shift sides and run with the ruling regime’s political ideology but were recently de-whipped from the party.”The Kenya Kwanza Regime has shown that they are not committed to upholding Article 3 of the Constitution on Multiparty Democracy. The path and desire to emasculate all political parties reminisces the old-school Moi regime tactics of entrenching a one-party state in Kenya,” Raila lamented.


Regarding inclusivity, Raila remarked that the Kenya Kwanza Regime had failed the constitutional standard for racial diversity and regional balance in state and public appointments.Additionally, he said, “despite the President’s campaign promise to appoint 50% of women to the Cabinet, the gender question has not been adequately addressed.”Only 13% of permanent secretaries and only 31% of the Cabinet are female, which is less than the promised 50% in both cases, according to the former prime minister.

According to Raila, rather than being based on merit, the majority of public appointments have been made for political and tribal reasons.”The Kenya Kwanza Regime has so far performed to the least of the Constitutional expectations and the expectations of Kenyans at large,” he said in his conclusion.

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