Azimio’s demands over abduction of Maina Njenga

Azimio’s demands over abduction of Maina Njenga

Azimio’s demands over abduction of Maina Njenga

On Sunday, the Azimio Coalition demanded the immediate release of Maina Njenga,  a former Mungiki leader who was allegedly kidnapped last night. In a press statement, Azimio stated that the whereabouts of Maina Njenga remain  unclear.

The political group asserted that Njenga’s kidnappers had weapons. The kidnappers were discovered by Azimio Coalition to be Subaru drivers and to have covered their faces.The coalition also disclosed that Njenga’s family is still unaware of his location.

The statement said, in part, “The information we have suggests that the abductors did not identify themselves or say that he was under arrest.””Everything points to this being a rogue police operation,” said the investigator.

Njenga was probably detained by the Special Support Unit, according to Azimio.Azimio denounced the kidnapping and demanded his immediate and unconditional release or his appearance in court.If anything were to happen to Maina, Azimio sternly stated, “We want to make it clear that we will hold the Inspector General of Police fully accountable for Maina’s life.”

Azimio claimed that this was a strategy employed by the government to get opposition MPs to follow orders.Azimio said that if there was any malice in the arrest, the kidnapping might have been caused by an ongoing case in which Njenga had been granted bail release.”Kenyans need to understand that Maina is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a pre-trial, and this arrest is clearly an attempt to interfere with that scheduled pre-trial,” said Azimio. The Makadara Law Courts granted Maina his release on a Ksh200,000 bond on July 25 after he was accused of organizing anti-government demonstrations.

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