Tough Conditions to Principals and Headteachers 

Tough Conditions to Principals and Headteachers

Tough Conditions to Principals and Headteachers 

The impending national exams received a significant update from the Principal  Secretary for Education, Belio Kipsang, on Friday, September 15. Kipsang disclosed that the 2023 national exams are currently under full preparation  in a written announcement.

He underscored the significance of maintaining a controlled environment within schools, urging school administrations to refrain from hosting intra-school activities and discouraging visits by parents.

For the utmost safety and integrity of the national tests, the Ministry of Education has made it expressly plain that parents will not be permitted access to schools during the third term.In addition, schools are expected to end their academic programs on October 27 in order to make way for the start of the national exams.

It’s important to note that the KCPE 2023 will usher in the 8-4-4 education system’s final version. A favorable development for educational institutions was also revealed by Belio Kipsang, who stated that the Ministry of Education is prepared to immediately distribute cash to schools.

We wish all KCPE and KCSE candidates the very best of luck as they carefully get ready for the upcoming national exams from our news desk. We salute your commitment and hard work and wish you luck in all of your academic efforts.

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