Sh212.7M salary scandal has TSC under investigation

Sh212.7M salary scandal has TSC under investigation

Sh212.7M salary scandal has TSC under investigation

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) overpaid teachers’ salary arrears during the 2021–2022 Financial Year, totaling Ksh212,724,467, according to the Auditor–General’s report. 135 Secretariat employees and 1,807 teachers got duplicate arrears payments totaling Ksh197,214,537 and Ksh15,509,930, respectively, according to the report, which was released on February 20, 2023.

Article 201(d) of the 2010 Kenyan Constitution, which emphasizes the careful and responsible use of public monies, was found to be in conflict with this action. In addition, as indicated by Ms. Gathungu, the Auditor-General, 21 teachers and 75 Secretariat employees received double leave allowances of Ksh240,000 and Ksh740,000, respectively, despite not living in areas of hardship.

The TSC also failed to deduct and remit Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) amounting to Ksh565,992,813 from a total of 7,069 employees. The report showed that PAYE was not deducted from 3,281 Special Needs staff, 3,784 Non-special Needs staff, and 4 Secretariat staff during the year under review, resulting in significant amounts owed.

Furthermore, the report noted discrepancies in the donor-funded Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project (SEQIP). The budget and actual expenditure did not align, with an underfunding of Ksh177,623,782 (or 39 percent) of the budget and an under-expenditure of Ksh132,158,454 (or 29 percent) of the budget, indicating that certain project activities were not implemented as intended.

Last but not least, the report uncovered problems with unreturned Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) money, where some money were not returned to The National Treasury as required by law, in violation of regulations.Overall, the research identifies a number of operational and financial irregularities within the Teachers Service Commission.

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