Government released Sh.16 billion school capitation

Government released Sh.16 billion school capitation

Government released Sh.16 billion school capitation

On August 24, 2023, Belio Kipsang, the Principal Secretary of Basic Education,  spoke before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. School administrators would be relieved to hear that the Ministry of Education will  deliver Sh16 billion in funding the following week. Headteachers and administrators expressed concerns about budgetary issues that  could impede exam preparations, which led to this decision.

Belio Kipsang gave a breakdown of how the money was distributed, with primary schools receiving Sh1.56 billion and junior schools receiving Sh1.75 billion. Sh16.24 billion, or the majority of the cash, would be used to support secondary schools participating in the Free Day Secondary Education initiative.

Kipsang stressed that these monies, which total Sh16,249,982,722.28 billion, will be given to public primary, junior, and secondary schools in order to guarantee the efficient running of educational activities.

Kipsang assured schools that the funds would be transferred to their accounts by next week to facilitate uninterrupted learning. Additionally, the government has prohibited schools from conducting any activities on their premises during the third term, which began on August 28. This term is scheduled to run until October 27, preceding the KCPE and KCSE national examinations set to commence on October 30.

Administrators at the school voiced concern that the financial burden would interfere with classes and affect students’ ability to study for exams. Kuppet chairman Omboko Milemba has written to Ezekiel Machogu, the education cabinet secretary, asking the release of cash.Additionally, he has pleaded with Parliament to take action to hasten the disbursement of these monies.

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