Contractor Exhumes 33 Bodies Along Mau Summit Road

Contractor Exhumes 33 Bodies Along Mau Summit Road

Contractor Exhumes 33 Bodies Along Mau Summit Road

33 graves in total have been dug up to make room for the 22-kilometer Mau Summit Road in Gitithia Village, Lari, Kiambu County. The procedure, which was put on hold due to insufficient funding last year, was  restarted after the contractor received a court order allowing the exhumation  operation to proceed.

The exhumation of five graves in all was stopped last year, according to the contractor. Since then, 12 more tombs are being excavated, bringing the total to 21.”When these plots of land were given to us, we had no idea that some of them would be eaten up by roads.” One of the impacted relatives wept.

The exhumation operation brought back painful memories for the families, who are now seeking ksh50,000 per grave as compensation.The kin contended that the government initially promised to reimburse them for the Ksh50,000 they spent on exhumation; however, they have not yet received this money.

“The procedure started last year, but they warned us to get ready. They gave us nothing,” a different family member claimed. The contractor has made a sincere effort to secure government assistance to help  the families exhume the dead, but each family is required to spend Ksh50,000 on  the procedure. 38 burials are located in Mau Mau lot 1A. We moved five graves last year, and right now we’re moving 33, said David Mutava,  a social and health officer working on the project. The court ruling was acquired last year under Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, the  health officer observed.

The officials claim that moving the tombs and the subterranean pipes will make it easier for the contractor to complete the building project.The 22-km stretch will connect the counties of Kiambu and Nakuru in Mahi Mahiu.

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