TSC CEO Nancy Macharia Faces Legal Scrutiny Over Sh.3 Billion

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia Faces Legal Scrutiny Over Sh.3 Billion

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia Faces Legal Scrutiny Over Sh.3 Billion

Francis Awino, a Nairobi-based activist, has filed a lawsuit against Nancy Macharia, the CEO of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), alleging cash fraud within the TSC.Awino is concerned that Macharia’s continued tenure as TSC CEO may result in financial losses for taxpayers due to questionable financial practices.

The claims arise from the Auditor General’s report, which covers the period up to June 2021. According to the article, the TSC is involved in a salary fraud worth Ksh. 3 billion that was allegedly aided by Nancy Macharia.

This scandal involves overpayments to TSC staff despite a shortage of teachers. Additionally, the report reveals that Macharia failed to remit over Ksh. 2 billion in taxes deducted from staff.

According to the research, some of these financial irregularities can be traced back to past difficulties, such as payments to ghost teachers between 1988 and 2000, when teachers were paid in cash rather than through banks.According to the petition, Nancy Macharia allegedly advanced Ksh. 10.5 million in salary advances, some of which were unauthorized and others were never recovered.

Additionally, an amount of Ksh. 4,264,665 owed to 145 staff has remained stagnant over the last twelve months, with no explanation provided by the TSC.

The petition also says that the TSC failed to explain how it overpaid workers by  Ksh. 352 million, some of which has gone unrecovered for several years, with some  teachers overpaying by Ksh. 33 million. Furthermore, it claims that over 5000 TSC employees are non-tax compliant, with Ksh. 2.2 billion in taxes never sent to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). Furthermore, the Auditor General’s report alleges that the TSC diverted Ksh. 1 billion  from the Free Primary Education (FPE) fund to nonexistent schools, with Ksh. 919  million purportedly channeled to various primary schools not registered in the  National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

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