Tough Rules & Fines For Hawkers in New Bill

Tough Rules & Fines For Hawkers in New Bill

Tough Rules & Fines For Hawkers in New Bill

Should a bill introduced in the Senate pass, all hawkers operating in the 47 counties  will be given vending zones. A regulatory framework has been established for all counties under the Street  Vendors (Protection of Livelihood) Bill, 2023, to direct hawkers and highway  vendors and bring order to the industry.

Esther Okenyuri, a senator candidate, is the plan’s sponsor. It will include information on every street vendor in the nation as well as potential locations from which they might conduct business.The county governments will be in charge of dividing regions into no-vending zones, restricted vending zones, and zones with no restrictions on vending.

Without a specific permit, hawkers who operate in restricted or no-vending areas risk spending six months in jail, paying a fine of up to Ksh10,000, or both.A registered hawker’s license may also be restricted or revoked by the county governments under the proposed law if his activities violate the law or obstruct the implementation of county or national policies.

However, the Trade County Executive Committee (CEC) is required to send a notice to the hawker explaining why the license was revoked.A hawker faces a Ksh10,000 fine for each day they are in default if they do not move to the location designated in the vending license after the notification has expired.

According to the idea, county administrations would also be in charge of choosing vending locations suited for hawkers’ businesses.This will depend on four things: the county vending plan’s suggested location, the number of street vendors already assigned to the area, the need to make sure that existing businesses are not impacted by the construction of the vending center, and the physical plans already in place for the county.

The bill advises the county government to set up solid waste disposal plans before building the vending centers and to offer security, lighting, and parking services as needed.The bill also suggested that all hawkers keep their designated spaces tidy and dispose of their rubbish properly. Hawkers who disregard the recommendations made in the bill are subject to a Ksh200,000 fine, a year in jail, or both.

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