12 Dead in Conflict at Kitui-Tana River Border

12 Dead in Conflict at Kitui-Tana River Border

12 Dead in Conflict at Kitui-Tana River Border

In addition to murdering animals and setting houses on fire, the attacks that took place on Thursday, September 14, also resulted in the destruction of property with no apparent value.

At the same time, more than 300 kids have skipped class and are now seeking safety at different centers due to their fear of being killed by the assailants.Tana River County Commission Mohammed Noor assured residents on both sides of the conflict in a media interview that the conflict must be managed before it spirals out of control.

“As National Administration officers, it is not our duty to establish the borders between counties. We must prevent confrontation from escalating, though.The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is in charge of determining the boundaries of the two counties,” according to Noor.

The Tana River community contends that they have a right of access to the school at the center of the dispute, while the Kitui community contends that the Tana River community has been encroaching on their territory.Over 500 households had been impacted by the ongoing fighting in the two counties, security officials who visited the scene stated.The most recent dispute started when a nearby elementary school was destroyed, which sparked denials that eventually came to a head.According to reports, there were intentions to build a police station where the elementary school had been before it was demolished.

Residents broke into the Police Station building site as retaliation, forcing the  employees to leave.The building materials that were being utilized to construct the  police  station were alsto burned destroyed by the residents. Eratus Mbui, a Kitui County Commissioner, requested that the conflicting groups  permit the building of the police station on the grounds that it will offer security for  both counties.

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