No tuition fee for new public  university students until classified

No tuition fee for new public  university students until classified

No tuition fee for new public  university students until classified

The Vice-Chancellors’ Committee of Public Universities has underlined that new first-year students admitted under the new funding model are not required to pay tuition  fees until they are classified by the Higher Education Fund. Prof. Daniel Mugendi, chairperson of the committee, stated in a press release on  Friday, September 8, that students should only pay for lodging charges if they choose on-campus accommodations.

According to him, the public universities are currently enrolling new first-year students who have been placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central  Placement Service (KUCCPS).

“We can confirm that the majority of students placed by KUCCPS have already been admitted to public universities.” For example, Kenyatta University has already admitted 7,752 of the 7,979 students placed by KUCCPS; Kisii University has already admitted 7,160 of the 8,670 students placed by KUCCPS; Moi University has already admitted 4,103 of the 5,480 students placed by KUCCPS; and Maseno University students are yet to report and should report on Monday 11th September, 2023,” he said.

He also stated that public universities are  reaching  out to parents and guardians to  ensure that 100% of first-year students are  admitted.

Prof. Mugendi also refuted media rumors that public universities were demanding  tuition payments from new first-year students.

“Under the new funding model, new first-year students admitted to public universities are not required to pay any tuition fees  until the Higher Education Fund (comprising the Universities Fund and HELB)  finalizes the  categorisation of the students.” To be clear, no public university has requested the payment of tuition fees. As a result, no student has been turned away for failing to pay tuition fees at any of  the public universities,” he stated.

He urged all stakeholders and the general public to provide their support and understanding as public universities implement and adhere to the new financial model and policy, which will ensure that no student is disadvantaged while enrolling in public institutions.The press release was released during a meeting of the Vice-Chancellors’ Committee on Friday at the University of Nairobi’s Confucius Institute.

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