MoE Introduce Adult Education To be Spearheaded by Chiefs

MoE Introduce Adult Education To be Spearheaded by Chiefs

MoE Introduce Adult Education To be Spearheaded by Chiefs

Isaiah Nyamweno, Kakamega County’s Director of Adult Education, has pioneered a program to encourage adults to enroll in specialized continuous education facilities.The major purpose is to increase the literacy rate in the country. Nyamweno believes that this project will not only stimulate socioeconomic growth, but will also eradicate ignorance among the local populace.

He argues that education empowers people and gives them dignity and respect. As a result, they are less vulnerable to deception and more suited to make informed decisions.

Nyamweno made these remarks on International Literacy Day while speaking in Butere Sub County, underscoring the national government’s emphasis on adult education.

According to him, “education is a fundamental requirement that will help adults manage their resources and empower them economically.” The government has engaged 26 full-time and part-time instructors in the region to improve learning in various facilities to support this project.Furthermore, they continue to rely on National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) to organize students, which has resulted in increased enrollment in educational institutions.

Nyamweno emphasizes the intimate relationship between adult and formal education, indicating that educated parents are more concerned about their children’s academic achievement and enrollment than illiterate parents.He is concerned, however, by the high levels of insufficient staff required to operate existing learning centers and their remote locations.To solve these difficulties, Nyamweno advises the government to increase the number of instructors and open new locations closer to learners, hence improving convenience. The topic of the World Literacy Day event, which was attended by department heads led by area Deputy County Commissioner Hassan Hussein and other stakeholders, is “Promoting literacy for a sustainable and peaceful Kenyan society.” This subject represents the overarching goal of enhancing communal well-being.

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