TSC clarified issue of teacher replacement

TSC clarified issue of teacher replacement

TSC clarified issue of teacher replacement

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has declared that it will replace all  instructors who quit their employment owing to natural attrition across the country  during the  fourth quarter of this year. This program will involve the replacement of approximately 1000 teachers who left  the employment in July and August. TSC intends to advertise these open posts as soon as possible in order to avoid  disrupting students’ education.

TSC’s CEO addressed continued speculations about the process and advised instructors to be patient. TSC will notify all teachers via their official social media outlets once the advertisement for these posts is finalized. The commission intends to publish a full list of open posts, including information on the schools where these positions are located and the subject combinations necessary.

As emphasized by Macharia, the TSC spokesperson, successful applicants may be allocated to serve anywhere in the country, not just in their region of recruitment. All available teaching opportunities will be listed on the TSC website for convenient access and reference during the application process.

The teacher shortage in Kenyan schools, mostly driven by former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 100% transformation program, has hampered school advancement and policy implementation.

Due to the transition from primary schools, there is now an expected shortfall of roughly 38,054 teachers in elementary schools and a more severe deficit of approximately 58,291 instructors in post-primary institutions. The TSC estimates that there is a 96,000-person teacher shortage in Kenyan schools.

Furthermore, due to their size, Technical and Vocational Education Training Colleges require around 5,000 additional teachers. The administration is actively working on a strategy to raise the number of teachers in all public schools and to make the workplace more welcoming to educators across the country.

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