Migori Teacher Commits Suicide on School Parade Ground

Migori Teacher Commits Suicide on School Parade Ground

Migori Teacher Commits Suicide on School Parade Ground

Students of a mixed and boarding Secondary School in Migori County were shocked after finding one of their teachers dangling on a tree at their parade ground.

In a statement shared by police on Tuesday, September 12, the teacher allegedly had an argument with his wife after which, he retreated to a local bar.

Students of a mixed and boarding Secondary School in Migori County were taken  aback when they discovered one of their instructors dangling from a tree at their  parade ground. According to a police statement released on Tuesday, September 12, the teacher  allegedly had a disagreement with his wife before retreating to a neighborhood bar.

After his drinking binge, the instructor returned to school, where he was welcomed by security officers who were unaware that the teacher had plans to kill himself.”He walked into the school compound late at night and went to the parade ground, where he committed suicide,” the police statement said in part.

The teacher’s body was discovered in the morning as students prepared to begin their classes.”Preliminary investigations revealed that he had disagreements with his wife prior to committing suicide.” “The teacher had been commuting from his rural home to school,” according to the police statement in sections.

According to the authorities, the Secondary School teacher never returned home and was last seen with pals at the local market.”Prior to that evening, he was seen making several calls, possibly in arguments with his caller, who was believed to be the wife, who told him not to come home if he was drunk,” according to the statement.Migori police officers raced to the location, removed the teacher’s body, and brought it to the Migori County Referral Hospital’s public mortuary, where it awaits autopsy.As a result, the investigators took testimony from the pupils who discovered the body as well as school authorities who reported the incident to the police.

Police officials are anticipated to visit the teacher’s home as part of the ongoing inquiry to record a statement with the wife.Suicidal people are urged to seek psychiatric help from authorities such as clerics and psychologists. Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF): 0800 723 253 is one of the Kenyan helplines that can aid those who are suicidal.

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