Clarification on North Eastern teachers transfers

Clarification on North Eastern teachers transfers

Clarification on North Eastern teachers transfers

Teachers in Garrisa County are looking to migrate because of security concerns arising from recent incidents. These attacks, which frequently occur at the beginning of the school year, impede educational activity.As a result, many teachers congregate at the TSC offices to await official communication.

A total of 26,907 non-local teachers in Garrisa County have sought for transfer letters in order to relocate to safer places. The TSC, on the other hand, maintains that it cannot give transfer letters to instructors in North-Eastern County, which has its own security issues.

Teachers submit transfer requests via an online system, but have gotten no reply on their applications. The TSC notes that transfers will take place only when suitable substitutes for empty posts are available.

Teachers may previously migrate across counties under the delocalization strategy, but this policy will be phased out in June 2021. By that point, 46,962 primary and secondary school teachers had requested transfers, with just 20,055 successfully moved. The availability of acceptable replacements is the primary factor for transfers.

Delocalization’s major purpose is to foster national cohesion and integration by  allowing instructors working in faraway places to rejoin with their families. To ensure educational continuity, the TSC requires that substitutes be in place  before sanctioning transfers.

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