Annual Leave Allowances for Teachers after Salary Review

Annual Leave Allowances for Teachers after Salary Review

Annual Leave Allowances for Teachers after Salary Review

Teachers are normally entitled to 42 days of annual leave allowance from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), with cash given at the end of the year.

These leaves frequently correspond with school vacation periods, and even if teachers do not use their yearly leave, they are still regarded to be on active duty. The TSC Annual Leave Allowance given to teachers varies based on their grade and TSC scale, as outlined below:

– Grade B5 teachers (TSC Scale 5): 4,000

– Grade C1 teachers (TSC Scale 6): 4,000

– Grade C2 teachers (TSC Scale 7): 6,000

– Grade C3 teachers (TSC Scale 8): 6,000

– Grade C4 teachers (TSC Scale 9): 6,000

– Grade C5 teachers (TSC Scale 10): 6,000

– Grade D1 teachers (TSC Scale 11): 10,000

– Grade D2 teachers (TSC Scale 12): 10,000

– Grade D3 teachers (TSC Scale 13): 10,000

– Grade D4 teachers (TSC Scale 14): 10,000

– Grade D5 teachers (TSC Scale 15): 10,000

The amount of Annual Leave Allowance a teacher earns at the end of the school  year is determined by their job group and TSC scale. Several crucial points to remember are:

Schoolheads are responsible for keeping leave registers in order to manage  personnel who go on leave. The leave period and requested days should be recorded in these registers. Teachers who intend to take leave must fill out a leave form in duplicate and  send it to the Secret Registry at least one week in advance.

The leave allowance is disbursed once every 12 months. Any annual leave days exceeding half of the entitlement days (more than 15 days for a 30-day entitlement) will be automatically forfeited.

Teachers on Maternity Leave will still retain their Annual Leave days for that specific year.

Employees who do not return to work after being admitted to the hospital or who do not report to work due to illness must provide a medical certificate within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in the day being marked as absent, resulting in a salary deduction.

Teachers on study leave are not eligible for Annual Leave while on leave.

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