Lawmakers Push for Sex Education in  Schools

Lawmakers Push for Sex Education in  Schools

Lawmakers Push for Sex Education in  Schools

A group of legislators is urging religious leaders and Kenyan residents across the  country to support the addition of sex education as an official subject in educational  institutions. These legislators made their argument during a meeting in Mombasa that focused  on the Family Reproductive Health and Assisted Reproductive Health bills. Their argument is based on the notion that this is the most effective strategy to  teach adolescents about the potential consequences of engaging in sexual activities.

Conversely, they contend that the introduction of Comprehensive Health Education as a core subject in schools will ensure that students acquire a comprehensive understanding of various sexual-related issues.

If these measures are approved by parliament, students will be better prepared to face the significant difficulties associated with high rates of pregnancy, sexual abuse, and the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses.Members of Parliament, notably Millie Odhiambo (Suba North MP), Martha Wangari (Gilgil MP), and Catherine Muma (nominated MP), have spoken out on the importance of religious leaders.

They argue that religious leaders should play a prominent role in expressing views that aim to protect the youth and other minority groups, such as intersex individuals.

However, it is vital to emphasize that certain religious leaders remain opposed to this plan, claiming that offering sex education in schools may expose children to sexual topics at a young age.This argument has continued, with Jane Njeri Maina, who represents the women of Kirinyaga in Parliament, introducing a motion two months ago addressing the persisting division in sex education.

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