After a terrorist attack, KDF personnel  were evacuated to a hospital

After a terrorist attack, KDF personnel were evacuated to a hospital

After a terrorist attack, KDF personnel were evacuated to a hospital

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers were injured after running over an Improvised  Explosive Device (IED) suspected of being planted by Al Shabaab.

According to a KDF statement dated September 11, the event occurred along the  Milimani Baure road in Lamu County.

The wounded soldiers were flown to Manda Base Hospital for prompt medical  attention. During the incident, their vehicle was also damaged.

The KDF criticized the offenders who disturbed the movement and harmed the  area’s  stability.

Part of the statement said, “KDF calls on residents to share information with  security  agencies on these criminal elements who lurk in their communities.” The terror group is said to be behind a number of attacks, particularly in the seaside  region, leaving communities to deal with the fallout.

Duale declared 11 localities in Lamu off-limits in August. While cops clashed with insurgents in the area. Tabasamu, Mkunumbi, Marafa, Ukumbi, Marafa-Toto, Juhudi, Salama, Widho, Poromoko, Jirma, and Pandanguo were among the areas mentioned.

They will be earmarked for security operations headed by KDF soldiers, the National Police Service (NPS), the National Intelligence Service (NIS). As well as other security agencies if designated as disturbed areas.

“Lamu is extremely important to the country’s economy.” Duale added,

“We want to protect our people, their property, and the LAPSSET (Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport corridor) infrastructure.”

Kindiki, for his part, has warned residents who are harboring terrorists in their houses and  thwarting the authorities’ efforts.

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