TikTok to ban live feature in Kenya

On Saturday, rumors circulated that TikTok was planning to block its live feature in  Kenya as part of the country’s content regulating efforts. The decision was reached following a meeting between the Kenya Film  Classification Board (KFCB) and TikTok proprietors, according to reports that  trended for the better part of Saturday morning.

However, contrary to widely circulated allegations on social media platforms, no decision was reached. The board of KFCB recommended that TikTok block live functionality for content providers that violate community norms, such as airing immoral content.

TikTok’s administration has yet to approve this proposal.Wamalwa claimed on Citizen TV on Friday night that the recommendation was the result of a series of talks with TikTok leadership to encourage clean content on the site.

He warned that children could be exposed to explicit content without their parents’ awareness.”We have requested that the Live feature be disabled until they have determined all of the credentials that are coming from Kenya and have accepted within their platform, so that they can determine when such features are emanating from Kenya.” “The hours are normally from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., and they need to focus more resources in Kenya,” he stated.

Wamalwa went on to say that content makers would help by self-regulating their work before it went public.”We asked them to remove the lewd explicit content that was uploaded on their platform, and we agreed that they will calibrate their systems so that once a content creator uploads content, there are measures in place to self-regulate, and on their back end, they will enhance their algorithms to sieve inappropriate content,” he explained.Furthermore, the interim CEO stated that preparations are in place to ensure that content providers pay taxes as a result of the global shift from traditional news to digital media.

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