Raila Responds to Junet’s Absence at  Azimio Event

Raila Responds to Junet’s Absence at Azimio Event

Raila Responds to Junet’s Absence at Azimio Event

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga addressed the absence of Suna East MP Junet Mohamed from Azimio events on Friday.During his trip of Migori County, Raila claimed that he had personally hired an ally to execute some of his errands, without revealing the nature of the jobs.

The ODM leader also revealed that the MP was in Europe, stating that he spent time with him on his visit to the UK last month.He went on to say that his ally was fine and would make a public appearance shortly.

During the discussion, he stated that Junet was one of the party’s most trusted lieutenants, despite rumors about the MPs’ absence from Raila activities.”Junet is a young man who has worked extremely hard for the party.” He was unable to come today, but I was with him in the UK the other day and have sent him elsewhere. “I’m hoping you’ll accept his greeting,” he said.

The remarks were made by the ODM leader when touring Mohamed’s neighboring seat, Suna West, as doubts about the lawmaker’s whereabouts arose.Junet was last seen in the country on August 3rd, when he addressed Parliament about the contentious Worldcoin.On social media, his most recent engagement was on July 23, when he flagged bogus tweets criticizing the ODM for the anti-government protests.However, on August 21, he was spotted beside the former Premier League champion during Arsenal’s game against Crystal Palace in the United Kingdom.

Junet’s absence from Azimio’s activities has fueled speculation about a schism between him and the ODM boss’s other close supporters.Notably, Mohamed did not participate in any of the opposition protests organized in July.

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