Itumbi’s phone call with Uhuru

Itumbi’s phone call with Uhuru

Itumbi’s phone call with Uhuru

Dennis Itumbi, a digital strategist, recounted a phone contact with former President  Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday. Itumbi claimed in an appearance on TV47’s WabebeXP on Friday that  Uhuru called him out for supporting the current head of state, William Ruto,  and threatened to ‘destroy him’.

The phone conversation in 2018, according to the journalist and Ruto confidant, caught him off guard, further disrupting his calm and well-being. Uhuru reportedly told him to quit hanging out with Ruto and to stop going to the DP’s Karen residence and the Harambee Annex office.

Itumbi, who had just returned from a burial in Mwea, Kirinyaga County,  pulled over to the side of the road to chat with Uhuru, who had just entered into  a gentleman’s agreement with the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, known as the  handshake. “He urged me to put the phone on hold. I was still in Mwea, where I had stopped for 10 minutes. “He spoke to me again when I was in Pangani and told me he would crush me,”  Itumbi alleged, adding that Uhuru asked him why he supported Ruto rather than  the government’s program.

Itumbi expressed his worries and asked the president to explain why he should not back Ruto.”His demeanor had changed between the first time we spoke in Mwea and the first time we spoke in Pangani,” Itumbi told Willis Raburu, a TV47 journalist and WabebeXP host. When the digital strategist arrived in Nairobi, he allegedly went straight to Ruto’s office to see if he had fallen out of favor with Uhuru. Ruto, on the other hand, insisted that he was still in contact with Uhuru and refrained from disclosing any information that may jeopardize his relationship with the president of state.

However, their relationship crumbled a few months later as the extent of their fallout became clear.Itumbi was fired from his State House job after insisting on working with Ruto. Nonetheless, he would continue to speak with the former president. “Uhuru is the person who has stopped communicating.” Because he was the president and I was simply a guy trying to make a livelihood in this town, it was up to him to call me if he wanted to. “I have not blocked him, unlike Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah.” If he phones, I will answer, but I am not in a hurry,” he explained.Uhuru has yet to respond to the digital strategist’s charges.

Reject the State House Car

During the interview, the digital strategist stated that he declined Uhuru’s offer of a car and bodyguard while still working at the State House.Itumbi said he was entitled to the benefits because of his seniority on Uhuru’s dissolved media team. However, he concluded that his life was not in danger because he had no adversaries who required him to have a bodyguard.The digital strategist also stated that he wished to protect his privacy without being watched.”I didn’t want to be chasing after a girl while security was following me.” “I also had the impression that I didn’t have any enemies,” he said.

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