Good news for teachers

Good news for teachers

Good news for teachers

Teachers can rejoice as the Treasury allocates funds for promotion.

To recognize and reward teachers’ hard work and devotion, the Treasury has  earmarked Sh1 billion to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for teacher  promotions.

While the granted sum falls short of the TSC’s original proposal of Sh2.2 billion for  teacher advancements, it nevertheless represents a substantial step  toward resolving educators’ concerns.

This support will benefit about 14,000 teachers who have higher qualifications but  have remained at the same professional level.

The promotion campaign includes principals, assistant principals, senior masters, head teachers, and deputy head teachers from both secondary and primary schools. With almost 7,720 positions available, this shift provides long-awaited career advancement chances for instructors who have felt stuck in their roles, stifling their professional growth and motivation.

The allocation of funding for promotions demonstrates the government’s commitment to tackling this issue and recognizing the value of investing in the development of educators. This approach is consistent with the government’s overall goal of improving the education system and providing better opportunities for teachers.This allocation encourages teachers to pursue continued professional development and strive for excellence in their teaching professions, in addition to acknowledging the critical role teachers play in shaping the nation’s future. As a result, teacher promotion is projected to help not only individual educators but also the entire level of education in the country.

It will motivate teachers to do their best and foster a positive learning environment  for pupils.

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