KDF Officer expresses concerns over clumsy recruits

KDF Officer expresses concerns over clumsy recruits

KDF Officer expresses concerns over clumsy recruits

Concerns concerning inexperienced applicants showing up to join the military have been voiced by a senior recruitment official assigned to the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).On Thursday, the officer told the media in Narok that the county had seen a smaller attendance than in prior recruitment drives.

The few candidates who turned up for the exercise lacked the required paperwork and were ignorant of the qualifications to join the force, he further disclosed. As a result, the team had to send the recruits out to get the required paperwork.

“We found that the majority of the applicants were unaware of the required documentation. As soon as we got here at 6:00 am, we told them to go get the documents, the officer said.”It appears that the information spread widely. As a top recruitment officer, I would want to ask the local administration and leaders to make sure that the people is well informed at every level whenever we undertake such an activity.

Some centers have resorted to relaxing the stringent recruitment rules as a result of the low turnout.Recruiting authorities in Naivasha no longer regard tooth discolouration as a barrier to recruitment, allowing hundreds of young people to join the KDF.The exercise’s commander, Lieutenant Colonel Pius Leshan, said that the majority of the candidates had passed all of the other examinations and were only being hindered by their discolored teeth. Physical, mental, age, and intellectual evaluations were all part of the qualification process.To prevent infiltration into the military by brainwashed personnel with bad intents for the country, the recruiter said, “KDF conducts a thorough security and identity check on all the recruits.”

RequirementsOn Tuesday, August 29, Lieutenant General Jonah Mwangi, the Vice Chief of Defence Forces (VCDF), opened the recruitment process at the Defense Headquarters in Nairobi.at his speech, the VCDF said that applications will be accepted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day at 374 centers spread across all 47 counties.”To all aspiring candidates: Keep in mind that this is a calling, not a job. The men and women in uniform reaffirm their dedication to serving mankind every single day, and this is the deliberate decision you’re about to make, said Mwangi.”Shortlisting the candidates is only the first step in the process considering that physical verification of documents and medical examinations based on military benchmarks shall be conducted thereafter.”

Depending on the positions they are applying for, recruits are frequently required to have their National Identity Card, be 26 years old or younger, maintain good skin health, and possess academic credentials.The contest will continue through Friday, September 8, 2023.

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