KNUT Gives Details of Gov’t Laxity to Employ More Teachers

KNUT Gives Details of Gov’t Laxity

KNUT Gives Details of Gov’t Laxity

Collins Oyuu, the secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, has  expressed worry over the government’s reluctance to hire more teachers,  which in his opinion has caused the commercialization of education in the nation.

Collins Oyuu contends that although there is a significant supply of skilled instructors, the  government is not aggressively seeking them out.

He noted that by the end of 2022, the number of qualified teachers who were  employed and those who were not was almost equal, with around 345,000 qualified  instructors currently teaching and almost 320,000 qualified teachers who were  unemployed. He highlighted that the problem isn’t a teacher shortage, but rather the need for  more teachers to be employed.

Oyuu made clear during an interview with Spice FM that she firmly believes  education should continue to be a public service rather than a business  endeavor.

UNESCO recommends a maximum teacher-to-student ratio of 1 teacher to 45 students. However the actual ratio is 1 teacher to 65  students.  He also emphasized the significance of  maintaining  fair  teacher-pupil ratios. Collins Oyuu highlighted examples where instructors  are in  charge of between 70 and 100  students.  Such as at Olympic Primary School.

Oyuu acknowledged the recent efforts by the Kenyan government to hire 35,000 teachers. But he also argued that even more teachers need to be employed. He emphasized the need for additional teachers to support the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) successfully. Underscoring the essential role of a sufficient number of educators in this process.

Oyuu acknowledged the Kenyan government’s recent efforts to hire 35,000 teachers. But he maintained that even more teachers need to be hired. In order to successfully implement the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), he underlined the need for more instructors. Highlighting the crucial role that an adequate number of educators play in this  process.

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