Kenyans and foreigners oppose Ruto’s event.

Foreigners join Kenyans in protest

Kenyans and foreigners oppose Ruto

Kenyans and foreigners oppose Ruto

On Monday, a group of activists protested the ongoing African Climate Summit  2023 at the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC) at the Green Park Bus  Terminus. The activists carried posters that read “Less Talk More Action” as they marched  from Nyayo Stadium to the terminus.

The activists also expressed their disappointment that no African leaders attended  the summit, which was hosted by President William Ruto and was attended by  over ten Heads of State, VIPs, and delegations from governments and different  environmental organizations.

The activists expressed their displeasure.

Pointing  out the failure of the organizers  to address the grave issues brought on by climate  change. Later on in the day, they plan to march to  KICC and  present  a petition. One participant emphasized the fact that societal  systems, especially those run by  political leaders, have an impact on climate  change. Which is not a standalone  problem.

“This (climate change crisis) can not be solved through technology changes alone but requires fundamental system change to our societies,” the activist added.

Additionally, the civil rights groups urged first-world nations to shoulder their responsibility as the primary contributors to climate change.

“Rich nations should reduce their emissions to zero but must also provide poorer nations with the funds to deal with the crisis,” the activists added.

An activist from Nigeria demanded the immediate halt to the extraction of fossil fuel . Also ,the expansion of oil refineries across the globe.

The activist continued, “This (the climate change challenge) cannot be handled by  technological changes alone . But rather requires fundamental system reform to our  communities. The civil rights organizations also encouraged first-world countries to accept responsibility for being the main drivers of climate change. The campaigners said, “Rich nations should reduce their emissions to zero. But must  also give poorer nations the funds to deal with the crisis.” An activist from Nigeria called for an urgent halt to fossil fuel extraction and the  global expansion of oil refineries.

On Monday, September 4, President William Ruto officially opened the summit . He extended a cordial welcome to all participants to work together to overcome the issues brought on by climate change. He emphasized that the summit’s main goals are to explore concepts, weigh multiple points of view, and find workable answers. “Be prepared to be challenged over the course of the next three days in this vibrant environment of conversation and learning. Leaders from Africa and throughout the world, innovators who have blazed new paths, specialists, investors, and business moguls have gathered here to examine the possibilities, address the obstacles, and scale up solutions, said Ruto.

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