Plane crashes into primary school

Plane crashes into primary school

Plane crashes into primary school

At Guara Primary School in Nanyuki, Laikipia County, an airplane crash on Friday afternoon left two people hurt.Before crashing the jet into one of the school’s buildings, the pilot, a student at Mount Kenya Flight School, was carrying out a routine patrol with the assistance of his instructor.

After school activities were disturbed, students were compelled to run for safety. One of the first responders disclosed to the media that they sped to the school as  soon as they heard the ruckus to ensure the safety of the pupils and passengers.

A little while afterwards, a rescue crew and police officers were sent to the location. “We noticed a person running to the gate and pleading for aid to save the passengers. The students were shouting and running for their life, but fortunately we were able to calm them down, he said.

Both the pilot and the instructor were taken urgently to Nanyuki Cottage Hospital with serious injuries. However, no students were hurt in the incident.An investigation of an air collision typically aims to pinpoint the accident’s root cause and offer suggestions for avoiding future occurrences of the same kind.The tragedy is identical to one that happened in the county in 2021 after a plane crashed at the Nanyuki Airstrip just after takeoff, killing two persons.Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) issued a statement following the incident disclosing that the pilot and his passenger were traveling to Meru National Park after finishing a routine patrol at Solio Rhino Sanctuary.

When KWS officers arrived on the scene to help with the evacuation efforts, they discovered that the two had already passed away from the crash’s effects. The loss of two staff members aboard a two-seater Husky aircraft with the registration number 5Y-KWL, which crashed shortly after takeoff from Nanyuki Civil Airport, severely saddens KWS. A passenger and a pilot are the two, according to the statement.

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