Teachers riot at TSC offices in Nairobi and demand transfers.

Teachers riot at TSC offices in Nairobi and demand transfers.

Teachers riot at TSC offices in Nairobi and demand transfers.

As they pursued demands for transfers, teachers from the county’s northeastern region assaulted the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) offices in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Teachers expressed their worries about the rising instability in their neighborhood and requested to be transferred to safer regions.”We object to being followed by heavily armed military vehicles as if we were transporting contraband. We are always being followed by the police. What does this represent? One of the professors asked, “Are we being pushed into danger?” in a frustrated tone.

I’m based in Mandera right now. We have gathered here in search of a forum to make our appeals because of the ongoing security difficulties we encounter there, one of the instructors lamented.This standoff comes after several months of demonstrations over the increased insecurity in Mandera by non-local residents. They had threatened possible public protests if the administration did not adequately address their concerns.

An educator at Al Huda Primary School in Mandera East named Jafan Kitui disclosed that he hadn’t visited his birthplace in over a year.”We fervently implore President Ruto and [Interior CS] Kindiki to give stabilizing security in Mandera county first priority. Due to the aforementioned circumstances, I have personally been compelled to skip countless funerals of close relatives, he said.

In March, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia testified before the Senate Committee on Education, stating that the need for equal distribution and best use of instructors is what motivates teacher transfers between institutions.The availability of openings at the station, the need for replacement, current staffing standards, and medical justifications confirmed by a licensed physician are other factors that influence transfers.

In a statement he signed, Cavin Anyuor, director of legal, labor, and industrial relations for TSC, listed the justifications for certain teachers’ refusals to ask to go back to their home counties.

The employer of the instructors also cautioned against what she called the misconception of the delocalization policy’s reversal, which would require teachers to now teach not only in their home counties but also in their villages.TSC contends that if the commission compels all teachers to return to their home counties, understaffing will arise in regions that have not produced enough teachers.

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