Police issue viral notice on planned Al-Shabaab attacks.

Police issue viral notice on planned Al-Shabaab attacks.

Police issue viral notice on planned Al-Shabaab attacks.

A viral post warning of an upcoming attack by Al-Shabaab militants in Nairobi City was highlighted by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday, August 27.DCI gave the public the reassurance that the signal was unfounded and that there was no immediate danger to Kenya.

The DCI said, “This report making the rounds in some media is bogus news. According to the letter that was allegedly sent by Peter Nthigah, the regional coordinator for DCI in Nairobi, the terrorists intended to carry out an attack between the end of August and the beginning of September of this year.

In addition, it said that the extremists were aiming for Western diplomats and military in Kenya as well as the locations they visited in the city.Part of the now-flagged letter stated that the armed attackers, who are thought to be in Nairobi already, intended to use suicide vests along with intermittent gunfire in crowded places and selected sites.

Security personnel were therefore requested to increase their level of alertness and screening in order to prevent any militia attacks. On the same day that the Defense Cabinet Security informed the country on the government’s strategy to battle terrorism, DCI noted the information.The CS said that the government had reactivated intelligence and enhanced surveillance systems to detect and neutralize any threats while speaking in Faza Island in Lamu East.Members of illegal terrorist organizations and their extreme allies have been informed that their time is running out, the CS said.

Coincidentally, the letter that has since been reported comes after terror alerts from the US, Canada, and the UK.Western countries had advised their nationals to use caution when visiting Lamu, North Eastern counties, and some parts of Nairobi.

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