Engineering student’s fire incident: ODM speaks

Engineering student’s fire incident: ODM speaks

Engineering student’s fire incident: ODM speaks

On Saturday, August 19, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) responded to the  story of a 28-year-old engineering graduate who burned himself on fire because of the high cost of  living. ODM laid the responsibility squarely at President William Ruto’s feet, stating the  Kenya Kwanza government had failed to address the plight of regular Kenyans, who  are trying to make ends meet, in a statement sent by former Prime Minister Raila  Odinga’s Party.

After a 28-year-old engineering graduate set himself on fire in Mombasa on Thursday, August 16, claiming to be fed up with the exorbitant cost of living, ODM made his remarks.”The hurt of losing a loved one because of empty promises made by individuals in positions of authority. The victim had goals and plans for his life; all he required was a supportive atmosphere from the government, according to ODM.

The student had 50% burns and ultimately passed away in a Mombasa hospital.”It’s unfortunate that he had to commit suicide. We sincerely apologize to family and friends, the Orange Democratic Movement said in a statement.

The young engineer’s passing, according to ODM, underscores the situation of many Kenyans who are trying to survive. President William Ruto was urged by the party to act right away to reduce the rising cost of living.”This is a sad day for Kenya,” ODM declared. “A young man who couldn’t afford to live committed suicide. This is a direct effect of the government’s mistakes.ODM’s complaint has not yet gotten a response from Ruto. The administration, he has already said, is making every effort to address the high cost of living.On Friday, August 17, Ruto said that the government is trying to provide jobs and opportunity for Kenyans while speaking to a crowd at Kasarani.

The Head of State did point out that one of Kenya’s biggest problems is the high cost of living. Recent months have seen a consistent increase in the cost of food, petrol, and other necessities.In addition to the economy, which has put a pressure on many Kenyans’ budgets and made it challenging for people to make ends meet, President Ruto said the administration was striving to find solutions to other difficult problems.Additionally, Ruto said that the government has implemented measures to lower the high cost of living, such as the distribution of fertiliser at a reduced price.

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