Underage students can receive HELB loans under specific conditions.

Underage students can receive HELB loans under specific conditions.

Underage students can receive HELB loans under specific conditions.

The provision of HELB Loans to minor students without national identity cards (IDs) is subject to one requirement.The circumstances under which students who enroll in institutions will receive government support have been made clear by the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

It has been noted that 2000 of the 2022 KCSE candidates who are enrolling in colleges and universities and who have applied for loans and scholarships have not yet received IDs. They aren’t yet eighteen.

According to Charles Ringera, the Chief Executive of the HELB, these students won’t be eligible for government support until they turn in their identification cards.

He went on to declare that their money would be withheld until they collected their IDs and presented them to the board. All students applying for HELB Loans must enter both their own identification number and their parent’s identification number during the application process.Ringera contends that giving loans to students under the age of 18 by the board is against the law.

He emphasized the need of possessing a national identification card when establishing a student’s identity, especially when it comes time to repay a loan.

Ringera advised other students to submit applications for financing from openly disclosed funds.He emphasized that the new funding model had been implemented at the appropriate time and that every student would receive money to support their higher education by continuing their studies.The HELB CEO also made it clear that the funds allotted for students who changed their colleges or courses would still be accessible.

Over 285,698 students are expected to enroll at a variety of schools and institutions in September, and the new funding mechanism will support them. He refuted the assertion that some kids will be left out of the new model.According to Ringera, the advantage of the new funding model is that students will be awarded funds in the following categories: least in need, most vulnerable, most in need, and needy, depending on their needs.

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