KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer

KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer

The Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has given students who will be starting tertiary education in September 2023 one more chance to choose their preferred universities and programs.

In a statement, KUCCPS advised 2022 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) students that if they are dissatisfied with their initial placement, they can request a change.

The deadline for institutional or program transfers is August 15, 2023. This extension will provide students the opportunity to thoroughly review their options and make the best selections for their future academic endeavors.

Inter-university transfers, according to KUCCPS, can only be done online by checking in to www.students.kuccps.net, and no hardcopy paperwork from favored universities are accepted. Once logged in, students should go to the “Transfers” option and pick the program to which they want to transfer. The site will then display an inter-institution field, requesting the student to provide the program code for their desired course.

KUCCPS will check to see if the student meets the required cutoff points for the desired program before proceeding with the transfer. In addition, the student must submit a detailed justification for initiating the transfer.Students must deposit a non-refundable payment of Ksh1,000 via mobile transfer to complete the transfer application. This payment’s transaction code will be used to validate the transfer application.Once your transfer request has been validated, the chosen school will automatically receive it, review it, and subject it to available slots. If the institution authorizes your transfer, it will be sent to your original school for approval before being approved by KUCCPS.

When KUCCPS confirms your request, a transfer letter will be issued through your portal, which will serve as your admission letter to the new university or college.The Benefits of Inter-University Transfers Students may elect to switch classes for a variety of reasons, according to KUCCPS. Medical and financial difficulties, as well as accommodating those with disabilities, are some of the most common reasons given by students. Furthermore, KUCCPS understands the significance of students selecting courses that match with their interests and passions. As a result, they give students the freedom to change their programs if they discover that their present course does not align with their interests.

If you do not meet the cut-off points for your selected Degree or Diploma degree, the placement authority will immediately reject your transfer request.

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