TSC Announces Intern Teacher Reporting Dates

TSC Announces Intern Teacher Reporting Dates

TSC Announces New Intern Teacher Reporting Dates. When the third term of classes begins in early September of this year, junior secondary (JSS) and primary school intern instructors will begin working in elementary schools.Teachers should be given less work, especially in junior high schools where grade 8 classes begin in January of the following year.

The Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) previously advertised 20,000 teaching positions around the country.

From the 20,000 applications received, the commission plans to pick 18,000 interns for junior secondary schools.According to TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia, the remaining 2,000 recruits are assigned to primary schools to assist with (CBC).

The program is geared at registered instructors who are currently unemployed.Interested and qualified applicants had until July 18, 2023, to submit their applications.

Candidates who are successful will receive a monthly payment of Ksh20,000 for junior high school admission and Ksh15,000 for primary school admission.TSC, on the other hand, requested government cash to confirm the 20,000 interns it hired as full-time, pensionable employees in February of this year.If teachers work on internships for an extended period of time, they will lose motivation.

Muturi argues that the teachers will be confirmed in January 2024 if the Commission secures the necessary funds.

The TSC wishes to:

  • Spend sh11bn on teacher advancements.
  • Sh7.9bn on CBC, TPAD, and PC training.
  • Sh24bn on intern hires.
  • Sh73.8bn on long-term contracts for 111,870 teachers.
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