KNUT supports Presidential Working Party’s education reform recommendations.

KNUT supports Presidential Working Party’s education reform recommendations.

KNUT supports Education Reform Recommendations

 Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) supports the Presidential Working Party’s Education Reforms Recommendations. According to KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu, the Working Party report on  Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is based on comprehensive study and takes  into account the opinion of stakeholders in the sector, particularly teachers. The Union says it supports the recommendation that junior secondary schools be  housed in elementary schools, among other things.

The CBC now has grades 7, 8, and 9 domiciled in primary schools under one umbrella,” the Secretary-General stated.”KNUT conducted yet another study, and we presented our findings to Prof Raphael Manavu, and we inducted all the branches based on the study, and every branch knew what to say about CBC and the amendments that we anticipate.” And the presidential working party digested what the branches said,” he added.The latest recommendations, according to Oyuu, “will succeed any time on the premises of research that we do to have a proper position.”

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Furthermore, the union stated that it is supporting the report because the Presidential working party report addressed issues concerning school categorisation, which he  believes should be abolished. “We must decategorize schools because we can no longer afford to categorize them.” Every child in this country is in need of an education. “School categorization introduced a lot of classism,” remarked Oyuu.

He stated that by de-categorizing schools, the Presidential working group has allowed the Teachers Service Commission a lot of leeway in how it posts teachers while also making valid recommendations on the amount of topics to be taught in schools.”The work load for teachers in this republic was excessive.” The working party has decreased the number of subjects taught at different levels based on the number of teachers and what teachers need to teach in the learning areas,” he remarked during a teachers’ Annual General Meeting in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County.

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