KNUT Reacts to Teachers’ Paystub Deductions

KNUT Reacts to Teachers’ Paystub Deductions

Collins Oyuu, the secretary-general of the KNUT, has stated his intention to ask the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) for clarification over the unexpected reduction in teachers’ pay in July 2023, as opposed to the anticipated wage increase promised by President William Ruto.

Oyuu pointed out that the commission had broken President Ruto’s promise that teachers would receive a wage raise of between 7 and 10% beginning on July 1.

Oyuu voiced surprise and anxiety over the commission’s decision to implement the  new rules without previous warning or  justification. “A strike is the final shot.We need to know why the opposite occurred. In the open, the president pledged rise of roughly to 10%. What the president promised cannot be changed by the SRC,” he said.

“We are dealing with the problem. SRC cannot claim that they are still organizing or that the review isn’t complete. They haven’t been working, right?”

The KNUT leader remained adamant that the president’s announcement should be followed.

“We haven’t moved yet, but we will react strongly and demand that the president’s words be upheld. We are not content.”

Teachers throughout the nation have now begun contributing to the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), a historic first that has caused misunderstanding regarding the adjustments indicated on their payslips.

The NSSF rates are the source of the misunderstanding because teachers making less than Ksh10,000 will contribute between Ksh360 and Ksh1,200, while those making more than Ksh10,000 can contribute up to a maximum of Ksh2,160.

At first, the teachers enthusiastically praised President Ruto’s choice to evaluate their payslip, hailing it as a long-overdue action considering the high cost of living in the nation.

Ruto’s proposal called for 7-10% positive review for people with lower earnings, which was to be implemented in two stages. Kuppet Akelo Misori, the secretary general of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET),

 expressed gratitude to Ruto for taking action to address teacher pay. After the public involvement activity was completed, SRC is working on the review and is expected to publish the new pay scale.

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    This thing call union I just useless just to milk teachers to make the matters worse they just enter into your paylip without your conscientious we need the exit button

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